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What is zCrowd?

If you worry about having too many workers when the workload is lean and too few when it gets heavy, you would benefit from our solution. If fluctuating or seasonal workloads force you to constantly hire and fire, you would benefit from our solution. If you need better accuracy or speed from your existing workforce, you would benefit from our solution.

The way work gets done is changing rapidly. Thirty-four percent of the American workforce is already freelancing. On-demand workforces are inherently more efficient, scalable, and cost-effective, and businesses who embrace these advances will gain competitive advantage over those who don’t.

zCrowd’s differentiator in the on-demand workforce space is accuracy. Our patented Progressive Quality Review process improves on existing competitor methods, and it’s self-managing. Implementing zCrowd solutions allow managers and executives to focus on more important things.


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How We Save Time & Money

Let’s say you run a medical document processing firm, and you’ve got 20,000 documents to process. The documents are already scanned, but each needs to be skimmed for clarity, and a few fields need to be entered into a database. It’s a simple task, but it’s time-consuming and monotonous to do it thousands and thousands of times. Now imagine you have to do it thousands of times every week.

Your Old Process

You’ve got two full-time employees dedicated to processing. They get paid $15 an hour and work eight hours a day. It takes them two minutes per document, more or less, but since the task is pretty boring, they aren’t working at full capacity all the time, so they only do about 25 documents an hour, each.

That means every day you’re paying them $120 to process 200 documents each, or about $.60 per document. Factor in 40 percent overhead per employee (benefits, taxes, and office space), as well as the cost of the manager who oversees them. Now the real cost of the job is about $1 per document. Plus, it’ll take 50 full business days of work.

Cost: 20,000 jobs @ $1 / job = $20,000 (approx.)
Duration: 50 business days

The zCrowd Process

With zCrowd, the same job costs less in time and money. Here’s how:

We split each action into into multiple tasks. One worker reads the document and fills in the form fields, and at least one other worker (sometimes two) checks what they’ve written to make sure it’s accurate. Each worker gets paid about $.25 for doing a couple minutes’ work, or about $.50-$.75 per document, depending on how many times it was double-checked.

That means each document would have not one, but up to three different people making sure it was of the highest quality, and it would still cost less than hiring a full-time employee.

To top it off, since we’re sharing the work among thousands of workers, they can work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and since each worker chooses what jobs he/she takes, and is paid upon their completion, he/she’s motivated and productive.

Cost: 20,000 jobs @ $.50-$.75 / job = $10,000-$15,000 (approx.)
Duration: About 5 business days

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In this case, the same task with zCrowd would cost about 30 percent less, and finish in a fraction of the time compared to paying full-time employees. Did we mention we handle all workforce management and tax burden?